Aline, Brazil
Proaliners build my confidence to smile. Thanks to this company I feel comfortable showing my teeth for the first time in my life. Before doing the treatment I used to hide my teeth, whenever I talk or smile, but now I don’t need to be afraid anymore.I found out about the company from a friend of mine who was highly recommending it to me.At that time I truly didn’t believe that something that doesn’t look like regular braces could change anything. I thought it’s only a "fashion" product. I don’t know why, but I decided to try, not that I believe in the product yet, but I believe my friend. And I’m so glad I did that !!! Proeliners team from day one that I started the treatment were very professional, they sent me to their dentist, where I got all the needed information, and support. Then they did a 3 D scan and I could see my teeth on the 3D program,  I could see how they move, every week and step. It was amazing!After that, I  got this lovely box with all my aligners and information plus whenever I needed some explanation I could rely on them. I  am on my 6 steps right now, I have another 3 steps to finish, but I am so impressed already with my teeth. I would recommend people like me to try and give them a chance, as  I am promising to you it will change your life and your confidence. Proeliners thank you for my smile!