Elizabeth ( Netherland)
I can recommend this company with all my heart. They are Angels to me. Not even a single day did I regret choosing them. They really changed my life. I had the treatment with them for 8 months. Contacting the company, scanning your teeth, and getting your Beautiful Box full of cute invisible braces it’s the simplest step in this treatment. Proalign is such a lovely company, with all that support, help, and advice. All those professional materials they use and the dentists they recommend making a huge change. Guess what! I could see my teeth movement and all progress even before I start my treatment with their special 3 D program. It was so stunning and I was so amused!The most difficult is your commitment to do the treatment. It really needs a strong will, as you need to wear the braces min 22 h per day! It’s a lot. But it’s worth I promise you ! Guess what, thanks to this I lost some kgs, as when u want to eat you should ideally remove braces and then brush your teeth, so I was simply annoyed with it and I only ate when I needed to. Instead of eating I started to drink more and more water - so now my skin looks glowing :-). I believe it’s a good deal for a smoker too :-)Proaliners changed my life and I wish you all the best 😊