Noor, ( UK)
I think I am more a positive person now than before, I feel more confident. This is incredible how a good smile can change your life. The company is very professional. They use the best materials, printers and 3D scans, moreover their treatment plan is with a very reputable company - Clear Forward. They were with me since day one and they never let me down. They have a chain of dentists, which they refer patients to. I always had a problem with finding good, professional dentists, but thanks to them I can now be referred to a good dentist too :-) I will definitely recommend Proaliners to my friend and family. Actually, my sister-in-law started with them, and I see how incredible changes have been done to her smile. The prices are affordable and they can adjust your payment plan according to your needs and possibilities. This is awesome as with them every single one of us can afford a better smile