Nourallah kaddoura
When I was a child I wore braces for years but hardly anything changed, my teeth stayed crooked and I gained an open bite! So I surrender on my teeth for years till the moment my friend suggested this company to me “right before the Lockdown” after getting a recommendation from her friend who did her teeth with them. I was impressed by the photos of that girl and the big changes in her Smile, but still not ready to repeat my childhood Failure again! At the begining what really encouraged me was their affordable price and their easy installment. I thought I can never go wrong with that! I looked them up and found few other companies who offer similar process with not so-great reviews. Finally I decided to call Proalign around 6 months ago for a free Consultation, then started wearing the aligners around one week after. My treatment still has 3 months more as its considered “Complicated” but I am already thrilled with the changes on my teeth and on my bite! I am now smiling to everyone and everything moving around! Thank you Proalign team! you are truly the Best :)