transforming Smiles with clear aligners

transforming Smiles with clear aligners

Advanced Clear Aligners in Dubai

During your first visit, our dentist will perform a digital scan to quickly analyze your teeth and identify any potential issues. With over 75,000 patients treated, we offer customizable, predictable, and affordable treatment plans that can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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see your end results before you start.


1. Book a scan

Our Orthodontist will capture a detailed 3D image of your teeth. Our Digital Scanner us allow us to create an accurate and personalized treatment plan.

Our team of Orthodontists then use a cutting-edge software to create your Treatment Plan. You will see how your teeth will move and your final results in a video simulation which will show you the sequences of your treatment step by step.

2. View treatment plan

Clear aligners in Dubai


Once you approve your treatment plan, we'll get started on printing your clear aligners using top-of-the-line materials for optimal results. Within just 5 days, you'll have your high-quality clear aligners in hand, ready to start your journey towards a life changing smile!


Make the smart choice.

Discover why ProalignSmileShop offers you the best value.

Make the smart choice.

discover why we offer you the best value.

happy patients

happy patients

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Your Smile Guaranteed for Life.

  • Confidence: Achieve your best smile with cutting-edge remote dental care, guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • Joy: Your forever smile is our promise – simple, joyful, and made just for you.
  • Ease+: Experience aligners that look and feel amazing, with a lifetime assurance.
  • Flexibility: A tailored treatment plan that fits seamlessly into your life, backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Affordability: Your dream smile is closer than you think, and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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